The Importance of Having Worked in Government

In the ever-changing world of public policy, it's important to understand how lawmakers work.

It is important – although not necessary – for government relations job candidates to have worked in government. It gives them a head start on dealing with complicated policies, talking to government leaders, and predicting and solving problems.

On the other hand, people who don't have this kind of experience may need help understanding the details of legislation, which can lead to organizational policy delays or missed opportunities.

Changes in public policy frequently happen, and as policymaking becomes more complicated and government ties become more important, more than networking with a few politicians is needed. To be successful, job candidates need a good mix of soft skills and political knowledge.

Laws greatly impact how businesses work – that's a given. And those who have worked for the government know how to navigate this area. Their knowledge of how policies are made and their ability to predict problems and find solutions to them sets them apart.

Government jobs give people access like no other. This gives former government employees a unique understanding of policy changes and how the government works. It also allows people to build relationships with those who make decisions.

When looking for the best people to add to your policy and government relations team, their experience in government is the most important thing. Relevant questions could be about their experience with legislative committees, policy making, and length of tenure. Just as important is figuring out how well they understand the nuances of government and how well they can work with government agencies.

Their deep knowledge of the political and governmental landscape makes them better advocates, politically savvy, and good at negotiating with the government.

This ensures that the most qualified people represent your business.